Empath : 101 : How to cope with feeling other people’s emotions




I have been feeling other people’s emotions since I was 4 years old, I tried to absorb

them and then interpret what people  needed to be “happy”.

I have thus lived with being fat from absorbing another’s emotion

for years.

This year I have made a huge leap by learning a few tips that has helped me cope.

Empath  101 !

It is not your responsibility to take away another’s pain.

Pain/ Suffering brings forth SOUL LESSONS which people need to learn.

You cannot save ANYONE.  Save yourself first.

You can inspire them to interpret life’s knocks with a different outlook : With LOVE.

You need to ground yourself everyday. Go for a walk in the morning

and visualize growing roots to the Core of the earth, connect with heaven

and be the Vessel of Light. Fill your aura with Light and a blue shield.

Wear on your body : Obsidian, Ulexir, Pietersite gem stones

which increases your ability to deflect emotions. Also, wear

a hematite bracelet, works very well.

Eat healthy light foods: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, rice.

Practice STAYING in your BODY! Refrain from taking on someone’s

burden or pain. This is not your path.

Have regular session of reiki to Keep your Aura Clear, Clean and Toxin free.

Learn about yoga and breathing to enhance your skills.

Spend time in SILENCE to rejuvenate your SPIRIT.

Meditate on your Inner child, Teenager to Adult become SPIRITUALLY strong.

Say NO! often. Refrain from PEOPLE pleasing, which means NO doormat, No victimhood.

Do a Dietary cleanse of raw juices, smoothies, a small meal and soup and enhance

your Inner discipline.

Clean out emotions at least once a week, with a Good Cry.

Write down your frustrations on a page, Burn it, and say I forgive them,

I forgive myself and I choose to move on.

Most people subscribe to VICTIMHOOD, Self Abuse, Addictions and

so on, gain knowledge on these psychological conditions read:

The Four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

Love yourself, live your spirit by Sonia Choquette

Succulent wild woman by Sark.

Assess your Relationship, if you started it, to FIX your partner,

it is time to FIX you and break the Old agreements which

will only cause you pain and disappointment.

Writing has always been my therapy, so start

journalling your feelings and emotions.

Pray! Pray to Your creator and start learning about

your Intuitive gifts and learn to listen.

A good book:

Trust your vibes by Sonia Choquette.

Time for you to TAKE back your POWER!


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