What happens when I get sick?

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What happens when I get sick?

I am a driven individual, I have been trained by my grandmother and grandfather to work, be productive and be task orientated.

My first job was to purchase the “Cape Times newspaper” in the morning, feed the dog and open the gates for my Grandfather, so he could drive to work.

I was paid R1 on a Saturday for my work, which inturn bought me a packet of tomatoe simba chips, a chocolate and a 20c pacman game, the pleasure of spending my well earned money, kept me motivated. I also felt needed which associated me with LOVE.

You could call my driven-ness a male driven ambitious spirit. My grandfather nurtured me by
Giving me “toys” which I had to fix. My first bicycle was a tricycle which was imported from China,
it had a basket at the back, like a true Chinese tricycle. It took me 2 weeks to repair, derust,
repair punctures and get it up and running. The enjoyment for me was that I had to figure it out,
I had no adult help, just my intuition. My grandfather has trained me well.

I am always pushing my own limits and boundaries both personally, spiritually, physically.

You already know I did a 5 day detox of inner and outer cleansing. I then started jogging and
Doing weights. I then decided to better my treatment records for 2012 and 2013 and now I have
totally improved my record and I am at 440 treatments done for 2014.

Now, I have bronchitis, I have surrendered and opted for an antibiotic but I am prepared to learn.

I forgot to nurture my female side, I forget to have fun, to write more, to smile often, to
Nurture me by reiki ing me after every client. To read to fill up my heart with Love
And wisdom. I played the role and forgot parts of my soul, my spirit.

The lesson : I have overworked my body on every level. I have also seen 3 very sick people in the last 3 weeks. A combination of my male side taking over and a dose of “germs” and bam, I have bronchitis.

I decided I will learn this lesson standing up. I will take my meds and Reiki me and I will not stay in bed because I will feel sorry for myself and I don’t enjoy being sick and full of self pity, no thank you.

I am very excited with my new intern joining! yay!  –  to impart knowledge, experience
And love for the human body, onto him is going to be magical. This would be my 40th Reiki attunement and My first intern ever at Midlands House of healing. You know I did a you tube video also, and I am so surprised at the feedback and views of the video everyday. I feel truly blessed

To be growing stronger, to gaining more knowledge and to learn more about how the wonderful human bodies magic.

Growing and journeying on to grow within myself.
Pushing my comforts and learning from being sick but feeling oh so good doing it.
For now, I think its time for a nap. Sounds like a good plan . . . All my love. X x x x


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