40/ 41st Reiki students : My Journey today


Today I taught a level 1 Reiki Course with Richard, Isobel and WP van Heerden.

This is my 40th and 41st Reiki Attunement as a Reiki Master (teacher).

I feel I have changed! before I would stick to the “manual” and been ‘inflexible’ with

my outlook. This time around, I enjoyed the entire process.

The lesson, talking, verbal teaching of Reiki to students, the

explanations and questions were wonderful. (thank you WP)

The Attunement process was so magical! connecting with Higher beings, Teachers

and Masters from the other side. It was a true blessing.

Time stood still and I felt amazing. I realize that I have grown

on the inside and outside of me and I have become

more “chilled” as a Teacher.

I realize that Divine Spirit / Universal energy / Reiki will also teach these

beautiful souls and guide their path.

To anyone who is thinking about embarking on this journey :




You will learn to fly and learn to adventure on!

Blessings to Richard and Isobel, for an amazing journey ahead.

Lotsa Love


ps! thank you WP van Heerden, you inspire me.


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