Finding my S u cc ulent Self


I had the most amazing day yesterday!  

I shall call it FINDING my SUCCULENT self!

I ventured to meet strangers!

I showed them my warrior side!

I laughed out loud!

I met other deliciously succulent woman.

Who wore colour!

Who had light in their eyes and not fear!

Who untied their hair and let the breeze catch their face!

I inhaled every experience.

I had lunch with strangers who have became friends.

I fell asleep tired and spent with the voice of my partner

saying I love you, holding me tight, and telling me

your awesome. I love you. Your amazing.

Your real. I love you so much!

My heart was complete. My spirit filled.

My succulence found!

Enjoy your Journey within.

 I certainly am.

Time for Play in the SUN!  ~~~~~ —-!


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