Facing your Shallow Self

We are attracted to shape, size and perfection.
It is an Illusion. An Untruth.
We seek it. We cling to the image we have in our brain of what it is.
Sometimes our obsessive compulsiveness wrecks us, but we keep it.
We’re hyper critical of our bodies.
The shape we have is never enough. We seek thinner, leaner, sexier.
Long for the feeling of being wanted everyday, of being fulfilled by someone else.
Our happiness is an inside job. The “fat” we criticize is soft and cuddly.
The fat is comforting. The fat is part of who we are.
Being judged, is judging a book by its cover, so you’re easily put into a ‘box’ of
Conformity. “you’re fat = so you’re …”
To judge is easy, its easy to cause separation from others, “the them and the us”.
Acceptance comes with Love. To love thy body, to love thy spirit.
To accept that I can change me, and sculpt me, but this is my decision,
Not based on others opinion. Not based on a fake magazine.
Based on my own self worth, which is my decision.
My choice is my sexual orientation, my spirituality, my love life, my body.
I choose -this is my choice, my power, not to be squandered by others,
But my will.
Accept thyself, be True to thyself only.Fat Buddah


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