Facing your day of death



I imagine my last day on earth to be chilled.

I would wake up and have my raw juices and smoothie.

I would give

one of my friends a massage or reiki session.

I would have my favourite lunch

of stir fry rice and vegetables and have a snooze.

Gently be visited by Death and pass into the spirit world.

That’s how I envision my day of dying, peacefully.

I was told today that one of my clients is dying of cancer,

I advised her to tell her mom to enjoy her last days.

Her mom is one of those spirit filled, self less people.

She has a kind word for everyone, she gives from her heart,

just thinking about her makes me want to cry, because

she is a treasure. The type of treasure that

grandmothers are made of. She projects so much of goodness.

I decided to share, I have been part of so much new life over the

past couple of weeks, and death has now also touched my heart.

I have known about death since I was young, I attended more than

10 funerals before I was  30. I said goodbye to people, I loved.

What remains is the memory of their laughter, the joy they

have shared and the goodness they have imparted into my life.

The memories of my grandparents live on in my heart.

I am not afraid of dying or afraid of death.

I know my spirit is eternal and I hope to have a lovely

sabbatical in the spirit world before I return.

To love.

To serve.

To help.

To nurture.

To be all I can be.

Here and Now!


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