Take a lover who Looks at you . . .



We are imperfect.

Every woman I meet would prefer less stretch marks,

more breast, less fat.

The leaner woman :  wants to be leaner.

The plumper woman :  wants to be leaner.

The Race of “WANTS” never end!

Society encourages inadequacy with the promoting of

billboards, magazines of leaner, skinny woman.

We forget. . . .

That we are beautiful.

We are glorious Goddess bodies.

We are perfect in every way.

That we are Lovable.

Succulence is imperfection, the ability to receive love

even though we are imperfect.

To be loved, to find pleasure, to have orgasms

and to be authentically yourself.

Don’t conform.

Don’t play a role.

Don’t promote pain and unhappiness.

Live your truth, speak it.

Hang onto happiness, joy, pleasure.

Find and explore yourself.

You are magic!

Sparkly eyes.

A bright Smile.

Cute Feet.  A bear Hug.

Touch that makes your partner melt.

Pleasure. Pleasure of eating chocolate.

Pleasure of having a delicious meal.

Pleasure of adventure. Enjoy having FUN!

Read a book.


Most of all  : Be you.

Love. Forgive. Cry. Be.

You’re Beautiful.

Because You are magical!


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