L i v i n g your TRUTH


I am at the stage of my life where I enforce truth.

I speak it, and my goal is to live it.

So, to be completely truthful to myself,

I will share some of my ” personal code” I live by.

Punctuality! being on time means you mean business.

Eating healthy means you love taking care of yourself.

Saying NO! affirms good boundaries.

Living a disciplined life of waking up at sunrise and

sleeping at sunset,

helps with the daily ritual of life, so I do it!

Love your body, whatever shape you have!

In my 20’s I “oogled” muscles

and good shapely bodies, NOW!~ the most unattractive thing is a EMPTY shell

with NO brain, intelligence, attitude and zest for LIFE!

Sexy ness is an attitude, it is NOT confined to size of Small, Medium or Large or XXL!

Being sassy is healthy for you! try it.. . . .

Love yourself enough to change for NO ONE!

Do what you want, within boundaries of cause!

Stop being afraid, of being you!

Eat Chocolate Often.

Have sex with multiples often.

Dress weird, I do!

Change your Hairdo! I do!

LIVE out LOUD! I do!

Being you 100% is good for you! try it. . .

X X X  -~~~~ to you!.


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