7 years after India

Embrace Imperfections


Today 7 years ago, I embarked on a life changing experience.

I sold all my worldly possessions and went to Auroville, India. (www.auroville.org)

I left South Africa in order  to find my true self and I have.

India taught me to embrace my own imperfections of being fat,

being overweight, being out of the box….weird!

I have learnt to work hard, to appreciate the valuable resources

of a soft bed, a warm bath, electricity all the time, drinking water.

My most favourite is the silence. India has traffic 24hrs a day

people travel to work all the time, all times of the day.

India truly has made me tough.

I have returned to India in 2009 and 2013 and  every time  I

return having learnt valuable soul lessons and new found

knowledge about how the human spirit can heal.

I love India and every year, it calls my spirit to return.

To come enjoy the friendships I value.

To come eat the food I love.

To come and live a simple existence of humility and heart felt appreciation.

I will return someday! But for now I am enjoying repairing human bodies and


I am evolving into who I am. . .  and enjoying it.



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