Turning 39 in 7 days : my inner reflection


In 7 days time I will be 39 years old. I have been having several debates with myself

and weighing my own scales about the promises I made to myself.

I am leaner, I eat cleaner, I am fitter.

I have been debating “need vs want”. Want I am finding is insatiable and unfulfilling.

NEED is fulfilling and connected to a Universal law of Dharma, when you serve your

life purpose, You are taken care of by the Universe.

I have all I Need!  My biggest dream is coming true. I feel fulfilled and grounded.

I honestly can’t say what I would like for  my birthday, because my needs are provided for.

On a different note, 39 divide by 3 is 13! my lucky number that’s a good thing.

I thought about what I have achieved in the last 7 years.

A flourishing practise.

A stronger body.

Learning to be happy now, not waiting.

Finding my Inner Joy everyday.

Learning to play more.

Creative Writing.

Snoozing with a cat.

Being up and about at Sunrise.

Say NO! more.

Choosing to affirm me. (Don’t hang out with people, I dislike)

Not conforming.

Being Weird, happily so.

Being happy being labelled HIPPIE.

Living In Abundance.

Learn to be more sacred, more prayer, more silence.

Eating more raw foods.

Loving my partner, saying it everyday.



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