I know …


I have known pain and overcame it.

I have experienced disappointment, accepted it with grace.

I have known heartbreak, I now protect my heart.

I can read people, especially when they lie, I laugh at it.

I have scars that have healed but I don’t dwell on it.

I live a secluded life because I don’t like the rat race.

If I like you, you’ll know it, if not, walk on by.

I was born to do magic with the human body, I am ok with my weird.

I live in two worlds, the physical and spiritual, I love it.

I connect with nature everyday, because I love it.

I pray because I love how prayer changes my vibration.

I love to meditate because its my Wand from the Universe.

I dream because I can.

I speak my truth because I choose to.

I only seek to serve my purpose to live full out!


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