Alternative energy sources: Going off the Grid : how to.

So, as you know, we are going off the grid, that means no ESKOM electricity.

No more comforts of flipping the switch for anything.

Well, part of me is sad because I so love my comforts.

When I returned from India in 2008, I vowed to have

running hot water, electricity, and a good road.  I will be having 2 out of 3 at

Satori farm.

However! I also adjusted to having no electricity in India for a year.

What I experienced is a disciplined life, routine.

I have purchased

a 2 Kva generator made by Ryobi at, it can

power anything up to 2500 W. (my super blender is 1200W : yay!)

We also purchased a small solar kit from Midlands Solar Sales in

Pietermaritzburg which means we will have 4 LED lights

and 2 cell phone charger for our cell phones.

We won’t be in the dark, we will have a gas geyser which

will supply our hot water.

Items that cannot run on solar : dehydrator (which I just bought and now must sell),

electric blankets, infra red lights, fridge, tumble dryer. (so, I am selling these items.)

Going off the grid is going to take some getting used to.

I will go through a adjusting period of just going with the flow,

forming a new routine of life at Satori.

Am I scared ? Yes, for sure.

Am I excited? Yes, I have waited 7 years for this.

Am I uncomfortable? Yes, that means I am growing into a stronger me.

I will keep sharing my journey…….with you.

Lotsa Love



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