Simpler, Better,Slower : Living off the grid

IMG_20150211_071854Today is day 6, since moving to Satori Farm. We moved from Khululeka farm in 5 hrs, 3 bakkie loads and a trailer.

We had to move, shift, carry and fit our possessions into one cabin.

I had to compact my studio into one cabin.

For four days it rained with laundry piling up and solar not charging, but we endured.

Yesterday, the sunshine appeared charging the solar panel and battery for lights and charging our cell phones.

We are using a 2 kva generator for our washing machine, computer and my Salute blender.

On day 3 we connected water to the Jojo tank, opening the tap felt like a miracle.

Our toilet is a portable loo in the hidden forest.

We shower at Louise and Jeff ‘s rondavel, as our bathroom is not build as yet.

All in all, I am coping, growing in this silence.

It fulfills my soul. My spirit is happy. I feel a sense of belonging, of this is how it should be.

I go to sleep seeing the stars, feeling the moon shine upon us.

Living close to Nature and being dependant on its resources, living synchronicity.

Loving my journey.

All my love



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