DAY 13: Living off the grid: Simplicity


Today is day 13 of living at Satori farm. We have mountain stream water.

We have a generator that powers this computer and my magic blender.

We have a outside loo which has the best view of the forest.

The bathroom is under construction, Willem is on it.

How has this simplicity of life influenced me?

Well, I am grounded, very grounded. The silence is very soothing to my soul.

I wait for sunrise so I can go walking and watch the colours painted by the sun.

I love waking up early. I have also had more energy to socialize with others which

I didn’t have before. I look forward to a warm  shower to complete my day.

Simpler is better for me. The environment of fresh air, star filled skies,

moonlit evenings has been amazing.

I thought I would “suffer” living off the grid, but in fact my life has

become simpler and less cluttered.

I have all I need and I am enjoying the process of being here.

Loving every moment,  as I grow and become more in tuned with the Universe.

Time to switch off! the generator. . .  later Loves. C


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