Want vs Need : Day 20 Living Sustainably





Robin Sharma says :  The universe gives you what you need and not what you want.


Well  I wanted a flushing toilet, I wanted a shower, I wanted a bathroom, I wanted all these things

however, I didn’t get it.

I have a outside loo and I shower at Louise and Jeff’s house at the top of the hill.

I have learnt to live without a refrigerator.

I have one tap in the house for washing dishes.

I have solar to power the lights and cell phone but sometimes Mother Nature gives

us rain for 3 days which means no solar. I then use the generator which takes approximately

an hour to charge my cell phone.

I have wonky cell phone reception, and I have complained to Vodacom for 20 days.

I am learning to live without watching movies. ( I go visit Katie our old neighbour for a movie and a bath)

I have learnt that when the sun shines, do all the laundry as you don’t know when it can rain for days.

I have learnt to use water sparingly. I have learnt to carry heavy cement squares to help

Willem install the septic tank.

I have learnt to discipline myself, so that I use the solar power, we have wisely.

Living sustainably is tough, you have to plan, think ahead and use your resources wisely.

I love it though, it is a challenge for me to change and adapt, to re assess which are

priorities and what is the most important aspect of something now!

I am sorry blog readers, I will have to blog less, it has taken me 46 minutes to write

this blog and I can hear the generator running.. . . .


Time to logg off!


All my love to you~  : as I journey on. . . .


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