Manual Labour

Satori farm 26 days later Mar 2015 (52)


Well its been 27 days after our move to Satori farm.
I have offloaded boxes, moved furniture, packed and repacked.
I have carried septic tanks concrete blocks of 50kg.
I have shovelled stones and sands for making concrete.
I have offloaded wood planks for the bathroom.
I have lifted furniture to lay down carpets.
I have cooked, cleaned and did laundry, sometimes multitasking.

I never liked manual labour, but I see the rewards are loosing
weight and being fully in touch with your body.

Your body is far more capable of “doing” even when you
think you are TIRED!

If you can will your mind, you and change and
use your body…. You can ……

Living off the grid isn’t difficult, it just
takes discipline to:
Wash laundry when the sun shines.
To charge your cell phone at 100% when the sun shines.
To learn simple techniques of charging your cell phone
and run the washing machine when the generator is on.
A Generator is a wonderful investment and makes
things a little easier, it takes about 1litre of petrol for
daily chores, a saving and a low carbon footprint.

I am feeling more at home! We have a neat and tidy living
space and I feel comfortable even though we still have
alot of work to do on the bathroom and the surrounding area.

I am loving this adventure, and my Inner growth
of being uncomfortable. I am becoming
more accepting of how things work, and that
disciplining yourself is not a bad thing,
its actually good for you!

Time to sign off! all my love. Colleen


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