Planning to go off the grid? How To : Luxury vs Necessity

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In order to give you some background, let me start with : Willem and I lived in

India in 2008. India has electricity 2 hrs a day, every part of the country

gets it, and in that time you pump water to your water tank, you fetch

water from the water drinking tap and you charge your cell phone.

All of this takes planning, discipline and tolerance.

When we started to consider going off the grid, we

had some planning behind it.

Simplying life  : was the KEY

So, it was NO more kettle, electric blanket, refrigerator, no watching series

every night, no going online everyday. The necessities we discussed were

Gas for food, Gas for hot water, Generator for all the other things like :

A blender, the washing machine, power driven tools which makes

building easier and my computer of cause.

You begin to discern that having electricity is a luxury and not a

necessity.  YES, I know, don’t curse me.

I am learning that I am living fine without it.

We donated a box of things we don’t need to the SPCA shop the other day,

it felt nice. A release.

We go to bed at sunset as it is dark and there is no appliances running,

we live in silence. I can hear the stream gushing with water.

I can hear the wind blow. I can see the stars at night.

The Earth and its resources I believe can be valued and treasured, even

nurtured, so we have its magic for a while longer.

May this make you reconsider a few things ? luxury or necessity?



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