Spiritual cleanse : Preparing for my next reiki attunement

My thought was to “detox” before my next reiki attunement which is on Tuesday 14th April 2015, I started thinking about my diet.

Every morning I have green smoothies, I have fruit consisting of pineapple, apple, banana, avocado, nuts and I

have salad for lunch followed by soup for dinner, or stir fry or curry and rice or omelette, my diet is pretty standard.

I try and refrain from to much diary, wheat, potatoes or eggs as this affects me negatively and I feel

tired. I did a detox on Saturday which consisted of green smoothies, steamed spinach, salad,

dietamacious earth, kombucha, green tea, so my detox was pretty much what I usually have! (ha a a a a )

I started to spend some time with myself, which I haven’t done since the move, the packing, the unpacking,

the building, the everything.

I need to do a spiritual cleanse for me, this is how I did it :

1. I wrote down all the angered emotions I felt, either towards myself or others.

2. I burnt the page and I forgave them, blessed them and myself. Chose to move forward.

3. I used my tibetan singing bowl and just let the sound penetrate all of me.

4.I took my drum and just drummed with the aim of releasing emotions, boy did I just cry!

5. I snoozed in the sun with crystals on my body.

6. I did a inner child meditation to heal me.

7. I called upon the Reiki teachers, guides, runners and helpers to assist me in reiki ing me, very powerful.

8. I reconnected with my playful self and wrote in henna reminders to myself, female self was happy.

9. I addressed the self neglect within myself. As a woman, I love, care, nurture and assist everyone and

I forgot to nurture me.

10.  I rested and reiki’d me again and rested the entire day.

I  believe every woman should do this at least once a month to reconnect with yourself to give back

to yourself what life demands from us.

I feel lighter, I feel more focused and I feel like the old wounds are gone, the old pain is no more,

so I can be fully present in being here.

Thank you for reading and following my blog.

Lotsa Love



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