Be like Water …. Water does not resist.


Yesterday, after my 42nd Reiki Attunement, I was sleepy. I was lying on my massage bed

after reiki ing me, I was about to float away on my cloud of bliss, but I was stopped.

My Teachers, Guides, Runners had other plans for me : I heard a bakkie stop,

Jeff jumped out and Louise came hobbling along. He asked me if I could Re adjust

her right toe as she had  dislocated it, I said yes yes, I can do, please come in.

I reiki d her first, as she was in shock, I massaged her foot, let her bite on a pen

and re adjusting her toe. (It hurt like hell)  It was adjusted into place with a click,

I massaged her foot and advised her to take anti inflammatories for the pain and

swelling. It was not broken. This was my second re adjusting of a body part.

My first was when I fell on a motorbike in India. Cedric drove and with the impact

he dislocated his shoulder. There was no one else to do it, so I was half in

shock myself and he was in pain, so I re located his shoulder back into place.

It hurt but it healed well.

The universe has a plan for these hands.

15 April 2015.

Lotsa love



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