Half a Healer = ?

Half a Healer = ?

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on people who have received Reiki Attunements

but due to FEAR, JUDGEMENT and Financial responsibilities, they have to keep

living separate lives.

I too lived a corporate life but I couldn’t be spiritual or authentic.

If you have told the Universe, you will be a healer, and you don’t the consequences

are many.

You absorb other peoples pain and eventually end up with a Unknown Disease, it saps your life force.

Living your path as a healer is imperative, there is NO UNDO button, no turning back, once

you have chosen the healing path. It is better for you to NOT venture down it,

if only to keep yourself in the closet.

As a Reiki healer you undertake to meditate, live by affirmations,

you also commit to nurturing, loving, caring and living in Harmony with

the Earth, all living beings and basic habits of eating meat will probably fall away.

You are different, so life will become different. You are connected to

a higher power which guides you and directs your life, called the Universe.

You will also be led by your own intuition and true self.

So, rather than be a half healer, take the plunge, destiny cannot be fought,

authenticity cannot  be bought and truth is true, it cannot be faked.

Choose your path wisely.


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