Change your eating habits for Winter!

Change your eating habits for Winter!

Winter is here! if you live in the Midlands, you will be feeling the chill and seeing the frost, its b r r r cold…

I have had to change my mindset from Summer to Winter! as it is definitely colder.

I decided to embrace the cold! I started to do my morning walks at 6am rather than 5am,

as it is too dark at that time. I have my green smoothie, then I will have 2 pounched eggs

or a peanut butter and jam rye sandwich or steamed spinach.

At lunch time, I will have a huge salad with fish.

At midday, I will consume my 2 litres of lemon and ginger water, so I am hydrated and

it will speed up my metabolism.(I am learning to snack on apples more)

At dinner time which is at 5.30pm, we will have soup, or stir fry or fruit, or a sandwich,

something light and small so our digestion is not overly taxed.

When I wake up, I drink apple cider vinegar in water. I have also found dietamacious earth

to be an amazing colon booster and cleanser.

Here is to a healthy, happy, lighter you, even in Winter!

Lotsa Love



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