Eskom Loadshedding = Conscious Awakening for you?

I have heard alot of complaints about Eskom load-shedding lately, from any person who has electricity.

I think that this is a Conscious awakening for many! Electricity supplied is not a bottomless supply.

The Earth has limited supplies and its resources are to be valued, appreciated and treasured.

I don’t have load shedding. I use solar panels for lights and for charging my cellular telephone.

We use a 2 kva generator for our washing machine, our computer, my blender and this makes

us aware and conscious of the amount of power we utilise.

Going off the grid is simple and easy?

You assess what your needs are ?

You need a hot shower everyday. Install a gas geyser.

You need to cook. Install a gas stove.

You don’t need a refrigerator as it is noisy, and stores left overs that no one wants to eat.

You need a fireplace to keep warm, install one.

You need wood, collect it from the forest.

I have become so in sync with nature while living here. ..

I need the sun to dry the laundry, to charge our solar panels, and to refresh my body.

I believe that living a simple life has made me more grateful and I experience gratitude

everyday for just being here.

Take a break from TV, Noise and the like, it might change your life.

All my love



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