What can you do in a day?

Tarryns visit  (9) Tarryns visit  (8) Tarryns visit  (7)Our day started with a beautiful sunrise on Saturday morning.

Willem, Tarryn and I had 3 missions :

1. create a garden, 2. do a rammed earth house for the generator,

3. insulate my healing studio.

It started with a whole lot of shovelling soil into a wheel barrow and shifting it to the garden spot,

this took about 30 minutes to do. We then had to move 2 very heavy wooden sleepers into the garden

to shape it. If you know, wooden sleepers are super heavy, heevinggggg  it into the garden was no easy task.

Next Willem and Tarryn replanted the herbs and shaped the garden.

Our next task was to shovel clay and ramm it into a shape with the mould that Willem constructed.

Our first attempt, was good but we forgot to add water to the mix.

Our second attempt, we shovelled clay plus cement, added water and made a good mixture.

We would shovel the mixture into the mould and RAMM it, layer for layer.

What were left with, is 2 walls, which are busy curing.

Our next task was to seal the “air”holes between the roof. We used an expandable foam

which we purchased from Mica in Howick. The foam expands and seals the area,

wonderful and easy.

We all slept well on Saturday evening, a good dose of Laughter and Joy was shared

and we were definitely a good team together.

Journeying on…..

Lotsa Love



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