Happy Workers day! “Grocery Shopping in South Africa : Midlands “

Today is WORKERS day, a South african public holiday, everyone has the day off,

except the cashiers at Pick ‘n Pay, Spar and Woolworths.

I always observe the energy in the shop, the energy at Pick and pay is filled with desperation,

a limit of survival, endless long queues, people chatting in the isle like long last friends,

shopping is an outing, a community project, thats what it feels like. Everyone is poor,

they are looking for bargains to make ends meet and to feed the endless mouths at home.

I then popped into Woolworths, a total different vibe, exuberance and lush living is the priority.

Flowers cost R159.99 for 3 tiny flowers on the stem. Breads, cheese’s, pies, comfort living is

promoted. There is no sense of desperation or need, it is just lavish and we have more than

enough, why not. I saw a mom and a baby buying one tin of milk and one bag of huggies,

to me, she felt more real than the rest. She has her priorities straight, her kid.

I then popped into Spar, they cater for everyone. There is no air of desperation or need.

It is a convenient store, it stocks everything from bread, to meat to chips. Its a store, for

I forgot something along the way, a quick pop in for a snack.

The staff are always friendly and efficient.

Workers day was created to enable people to rest, some still work on this day like any other,

choosing to earn a little extra.

South africa is complex, the extremes of both poverty and wealth are enormous.

Some struggle to meet,  their own needs, but others easily throw their excess into the

trash can, which could feed a small family.

Becoming more and more conscious of life’s priorities by living off the grid

and valuing what is true and real, opposed to what is not.

This is a controversial blog, I know, I am not judging, just observing life, outside of


Happy Workers Day!



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