Winter Insulation! b r r r r r

Winter is upon us! Well, it is cold everywhere! because its Winter!

We decided to insulate my studio with Styrofoam and seal all the cracks and air gaps in my studio,

so it is warm and toasty! and it is! You can get your hands on Polystyrene in Howick on 0710773063.

We had to seal our room and lounge area with expandable spray in foam, we found a cheaper

make of R90 a can in Howick and used 2 cans to do the job.

Next, we used black plastic to seal the bedroom floor and placed indian mats on

top of it, to keep the cold out. We also used throws on the walls and fleece at the windows

to keep the cold out.

We are more comfortable and less cold in our new space. We have a fire place with lots of wood,

so we will be toasty throughout the winter.

Day  65! Journeying on . . . .



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