Nurturing you through the Winter Months!


Yes Winter has arrived in the Midlands! May, June, July, we are blessed with Sunny days and freezing mornings and


I decided to look at ways to nurture my body through the winter, so here goes:

1. Drench my body in a nice lotion after a shower or bath. (no dry skin)

2. Go to sleep early, so I am well rested.

3. Chop wood and make a fire when its cold, every night, as it is so soothing.

4. Drink more tea: my favourite is peppermint tea from Woolworths at the moment.

5. Drink my 2 l of water at midday, because its warm then. (doing it now!)

6. Have my heaviest meal at lunch time.

7. Watch movies and cuddle more.

8. Cuddle : OFTEN.

9. Have a pile of books to read at my bedside table.

10. Keep the snacks to a limit : ie. one block of chocolate a day, if I need to. . .

11. Think of interesting treats like fried seeds in honey and mustard! my favourite.

12. Keep nuts on hand. Eat lotsa apples to keep my digestion good.

13. Drink Dietamacious Earth to keep my colon clean, everyday.

14. Walk at Sunrise.

15. Do Yoga before sunrise.

16. Meditate/ Visual : Abundance everyday.

17. Enjoy the SUN and soak it up, everyday

18. Re organise your wardrobe, less is more.

19. Get woolly warm socks.

20. Wear scarves for Winter.

21. Go for a reiki session / massage session!     (084 603 0604, call me)   I reiki me EVERYDAY!

Winter is just a season, lets enjoy the change, make it fun to embrace the cold and

Spring will be here soon!


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