L i v i n g & A four handed reiki session

L i v i n g      &   A four handed reiki session

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Today was very auspicious day for me. I introduced Colleen my 42nd Reiki Student to Isobel my 41st Student in Reiki.

We Reiki’d each other and had a awesome Lunch prepared by Wp van Heerden.

Life at Satori farm, has settled down, we have a house for our generator built with rammed earth.

Willem installed a PLUG and dug the wiring underground so we could use the generator anytime,

and it will also power the repeator for our 3G when the generator is running simultaneously.

It is certainly getting colder, so I started chopping wood and making fire in the morning before

I do yoga and do my normal walking routine.

Its been 4 weeks since my last Reiki Attunement and I can feel that I too have changed, learnt and grown

from this experience. My mind and spirit are looking at alternatives like adding specific gem stones

to a reiki session, such as Sugilite and Dioptase as they remove trauma and disease from the body,

how magical is that! I have been using it since I bought them from Leigh at the Crystal Shop in Howick.

It is amazing!  I am venturing into doing more body repairs : physical, and spiritually, to fulfill

my destiny of being a true healer.

Magic is out there, You have to find the part of you that says nothing is impossible and make that possible….

Rough Deepak Chopra quote !     I believe I am venturing into that………

All good this side! still loving living off the grid.

Lotsa love



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