Unconditional Love : 1. Changing your partner & Lack of Acceptance of self

Unconditional Love :  1. Changing your partner & Lack of Acceptance of self

LOVE !@ ?    We crave it, we long for it, we will travel miles for it. YET!

When we have it, we neglect it. We damage it with our words, our disappointments,

our expectations.

When I met my partner, I too wanted to change him, HOWEVER!

we chose to both change each other for the most positive and for the

Highest GOOD! We also chose to accept each other 100%.

That means if your partner has a bad day, don’t absorb it, be supportive with a HUG.

If your partner doesn’t eat well nutritionally, give him smoothies or raw juices.

Invest in keeping your partner healthy.

Willem did yoga, drank herbal teas and honey, rock climbed and was a vegetarian

when we met. I ate everything from Macdonalds to KFC to Spur, I enjoyed

junk food and fried chops, bacon and everything unhealthy.

I remember the first meal, he made me was stir fry and I called it “vommitted” food

as it all look raw to me.

Well, 16 years later, I am the vegetarian, the herbal tea drinker, the yoga do ér…..

The Universe knows what we need, your partner can be a catalyst for change,

but Ultimately, you need to do the INNER work of consciously changing you.

Disciplining you.

UNconditionally loving you.

If you love you, you will accept you and ALSO all of your partner.

CHANGE    : comes from Within, thats why we have free will……

YOU need to be happy, Joyful, loving, kind and gentle with yourself and your partner! that is

what   Love is about. . . . .

:LOVE  is the KEY!        if you not feeling it  : Break up, Move on, Heal    : don’t stay in a toxic

relationship that harms your spirit…..

All my love



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