Money, money, money = Always sunny in a rich mans world


Money, Money, money, money ! as of late, everyone is saying : I have no MONEY!

MONEY is LOVE or lack thereof. If your heart is open and energy is FLOWING, you

are giving, blessing, releasing, loving, being = You attract the same Abundance.

Abundance : Where to start ?

Wake up at SUNRISE, go for a walk, start grounding yourself to the Core of the Earth,

fill your Aura with light and a blue shield.

Start a YOGA routine, move and be flexible in your body.

Drink Water, yes Water, it is good for your body, it aids detoxing.  (not coke)

Remove stimulants such as Smoking, Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar, Chocolates,

Msg, Fast foods, meats, chicken, and eat clean vegetables and fruit for a week, feel the change.

Clean out – Give away what you don’t need.

Detox your emotions : Write down all anger, fear, grudges, against whomever, burn the page,

then forgive, bless, and MOVE on .

Find your purpose !   A empty life is a empty spirit. Quit the job you hate.

Affirm you : LOVEEEEEEE   you, say NO! and do things that makes you happy. Quit the self sacrificing,

martyrdom. *(enough already)

Enjoy a Pleasure filled Life    !     Laughter, joy cannot be bought, Smile often.

Chanting is essential part of my life! I have been singing a hawaiian chant of abundance everyday, find your one.

Love is the KEY to MONEY!   if you LOVE what you do….. Do it…. the MONEY will following ……

I so love what I do……..




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