Goodbye : Sebastian : My joy guide

23 May 2015 Sebastian left us Sebastian being cute (1) Sebastian being cute (2)

I haven’t written anything in over a week. My cat, Sebastian passed away last week Saturday, and it felt like

a deep hole in my heart. It has been 9 days later and I am feeling better, the pain of missing him has subsided,

and I have been reiki ing me a lot to overcome the emotional pain.

I met Sebastian, 16 years ago, he was a actor in a advert where Willem was an assistant,

on a movie shoot. He was a cute kitten who taught us a lot about joy and unconditional love.

Sebastian would sit on your lap and give you love whether you wanted it or not.

He was unconditional with his playfulness and joy. He was treated like our family,

a companion, I often had deep conversations with him and he was my friend.

He has left a hole which only he filled but I am happy that he is no longer suffering.

Everyday, I remember all the joy he has given to me, the lessons learnt and

the journeys of life we shared. He was a truly an amazing cat with such spirit.

We have buried him and planted a liquid amber tree on him, we will call the

tree Sebastian.

Every morning, I bless his spirit and miss him but I feel him with me, I have moments

where I know his with me always.

The universe has sent us Tomtom, he has been with us since November 2014, he brings us so

much joy and makes us miss Sebastian less.

Universe has a plan, always.



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