Knowing you’re amazing, and Living it!

May 26 (15)

Knowing you’re amazing and Living it!

Well its 2015! I started on my journey in 2004 with my first Reiki session,

from there on, it has been conscious living and hard lessons to learn,

but…I have enjoyed it! every bit of adventure.

I have lived in Cape Town, Bethlehem, Midlands and India. I have

started a Healing practice in 2009, and I have flourished ever since.

Serving my life purpose as a healer / therapist has truly grown me as

a person and helped me evolve.

What started as a deeper seeking of knowledge, has progressed

into a life long adventure.

I have made friends from all over the world.

I continue to meet people who inspire my spirit.

I am amazing!  I totally love being me.

I am imperfect and totally human and it isn’t

my waist size or shoe size that makes me

amazing, it is my Attitude to keep

serving my Spirit as a Healer.

Knowing I’m amazing and

that wherever my path takes me,

I will grow and evolve into

what I am meant to be.

So embark on a new journey and

truly start living your True Self.

Live your spirit.


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