Unseen treasures of living off the grid.

IMG_20150504_184800_edit_edit June 2015 (23) June 2015 (49) June 2015 (61) June 2015 (107)

1. Silence: We have lots of silence, we can hear our own thoughts and complete our own

sentences without interruptions. No distractions of noise : no tv, no radio, no refrigerator.

2. We are in sync with nature. We are awake at dawn and we go to bed at dusk.  We get to see

the full moon and the stars which are spectacular. We hear the owls at night and we saw

the buck come out of the forest at sunset, what a magical experience.

3. Chopping wood is an art. I am learning to master it. Willem has taught me how to pick the

perfect log, how to identify the cracks and how to aim the axe, so the wood splits perfectly.

We make a fire at sunrise and sunset, I love it. I actually love learning how to Master

chopping wood and making a fire. I believe every woman should be able to sustain herself,

by keeping warm and being independent.

4. Communication: Willem and I communicate better, we have a deeper intimacy and understanding

and it has really brought us closer together.

5. Equality : We are able to be partners, either to support each other, or assist each

other in our goals, chores or life purpose. This means if Willem is busy chopping wood,

I will do the dishes or laundry or cooking. We share chores and communicate what needs

to be done and we act on it.

6. Laughter : We have learnt to laugh more! We make each other laugh and share funny thoughts,

    ideas and we keep a positive outlook.

7. We have music playing or we watch a movie on the big screen, so we often comment on the movie

     or music and enjoy the entertainment of it.

8. Reading : We are reading more. We will quietly sit at the table and read our books,

      gaining more knowledge and sharing particular paragraphs with each other. I just completed

      the Horse whisperer, wow! what a book.

9. Awareness: We have become very aware of the use of POWER. ie. Solar panels and generator usage.

    We ensure our solar panels are fully charged for lights at night and ensure our cell phones are

     fully charged by midday, as this is when solar panels will charge the fastest. We use about R150 of

     petrol a week on the generator which runs the blender everyday, the pc, the washing machine and

      our 3 g signal booster. I think this is pretty good!   It has taught us to be more disciplined with

      scheduled “signal” time and cell phone time.

10. Calmness of Spirit : We are no longer phased by the world. Our world of simplicity is

          calmer, we are gentler in spirit and with ourselves.

11. Less is MORE!   having downscaled our home to what we need and not what we want,

      we are happy with less. Life is a journey, we need to embrace all of it.

12. We have become more disciplined with eating healthier with more fruit and less

       processed food.  Fresh is better.

Like : Robin Sharma says :

Life doesn’t give you what you ask for – but it always gives you what you need!

Love to you all!



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