Who wants to be fat?

Who wants to be fat?

June 2015 (49)

Who wants to be fat?

Who wants to be fat? No one really, it is uncomfortable, you place more stress on your heart, lungs, stomach region and running becomes impossible even exercise is a pain.

Since 2008, I have lost 20kg for me.

A stressful job, a incorrect diet affected me and I easily put on weight and also absorbed the negative energy stress around me.

Emotions is energy in MOTION! If you are in a noisy environment, filled with TOXIC people and negativity,

it drains your life force.

If you are in the space of silence, tranquillity, peace, mountains, running water, this will rejuvenate you.

Our bodies are affected by our outside environment and or internal feelings environment and this plays a huge role on our emotions.

The key word is to love your body, love yourself, once you accept who you are, you can change you.

I have changed my diet a few times, I am now choosing to eat salad with tuna everyday, steamed spinach, 2 romany creams cookies a day, plain crisp with salt, I choose to drink water, dietamacious earth everyday and kombucha, I have also included more papaya, pineapple, kiwi, granadilla fruit into my diet. If it grows in the soil, absorbed sun, water, earth this is what my body needs. If I do eat pizza or pasta, boy do I suffer!

Love with Discipline is certainly the KEY! With loosing weight and learning to Love yourself,  a continuous growing journey!

Take time to get to know who you are!  And enjoy the Ride.

Lotsa Love

Colleen van Heerden


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