Keri’s Kahuna Journal

Apr 2014


My last kahuna session came at a time when I probably needed it the most. My confidence was a little low and my entire being had been battered in the one of the worst ways possible for a creative person. Also, I was fresh out of my day paying job and into my second day of freelancing. Can you smell the fear? Yes, it was almost edible.

Colleen at Midlands House of Healing picked it up almost straight away when I arrived for my sixth Kahuna session – we sat down for a chat over freshly made sushi before she set to work on me. After a delicious massage including not only the usual kahuna techniques, but a bit of hot stone too (biggest hot stone fan over here), I was left floating and drooling – ready for some tea and some firm advice.

Colleen put on her best mothering suit on and explained to me the third principle of Kahuna called “Makia”, which translated means “energy flows where attention goes”. In life, no matter what you do, you will always be critiqued. Sometimes it will be good criticism, sometimes it will be constructive, and sometimes it will be bad. ALWAYS FOCUS ON THE GOOD. If you base your entire self worth on a negative criticism or experience, you will allow fear to take over… and we all know the terrible and terminal illnesses that fear can bring on. Having said that, we also shouldn’t be too afraid of fear, as it can be a worthwhile tool and important catalyst in getting things done the best we can. But if you do fail at something, or get negative feedback, do not focus all your energy on it. You will break. Be as objective as you can and realise that you cannot always please every person on the planet. Acknowledge the criticism, fix it if you can, and then focus your energy on the good. Do not let criticism close your heart. Remember past compliments and praise, look over your best work and your favourite moments, and remember that you ARE worthy of all the goodness in the universe. Everyone is – and there is more than enough of it to go around! And don’t be shy on complimenting others and sharing their awesomeness either. The more you give out, the more you receive – so don’t hold out!

You are freaking fabulous and you are good at what you do. Swim in your glory. Spoon in it. Make spaghetti out of it.

As for my fears of going freelance…

HAVE BALLS OF STEEL. (Colleen’s exact words). Realise that you wanted this, and you are doing it so that you can do what you love every day. Remind yourself of this daily. Recognise that what you’re doing is Your thing – it’s what you’ve been dreaming of and working towards all your life, and you know your shit. Don’t over-give of yourself because you think that you are not worthy – this is the freelancer’s biggest hurdle. Charge for your hours and charge enough for you to survive on. You also need to put petrol in your car to attend meetings, not to mention putting food in your mouth. Recognise and accept that you are no longer a salaried person – you work, you get paid, you live. You are fully responsible for your survival now – and every minute counts. No more wasting time on social media or chatting to colleagues over a leisurely smoke break or spending half an hour making tea in the kitchen. You are now able to be flexible for yourself and and for your creative peak times – if you work better in the evening, work in the evening. You are free to work when best suits your body clock and inspiration barometer, not when your boss says so.  Make it work for you.

(Please note, although it sounds like I am addressing you, I’m actually addressing myself. But  please feel free to soak up whatever you may feel will benefit you.)

These are some of my notes from my session with Colleen.

kahuna diary

To book your own session with Midlands House of Healing, email Colleen on or text her on 084 603 0604 to book an appointment.


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