Keeping warm : The Traditional way! : Wood/coal stove


winter @ Satori  (35) winter @ Satori  (32) winter @ Satori  (28)Keeping warm: The Traditional way! Our wood / coal stove!

While visiting in Bethlehem, we decided to purchase a wood/coal stove to heat up our space.

We decided to pop into a shop in Bethlehem, upon arrival we saw the last stove on the shelf, it weighs about 75kg and it fit smugly into our car!~We happily drove it home when we returned, looking forward to warm nights and warm mornings.

I was practising and familiarising myself with the stove on Saturday. You need to keep it stocked with wood and coal to keep your space, warm and snug.

I decided to try my hand at cooking. Cooking on a wood stove, ensures a tasty meal because it is slow cooked!

and has so much more flavour.

I now know why you had a “maid” to just man the stove because it is a full time job.

To keep the fire going, you need thinly chopped wood. (first chop lots of it)

We are using anthracite at the moment which cost R135 for 40kg, (obtainable in Merrivale) however,

you need to keep blowing air into it,  ensuring that there is a good Airflow for it to burn.

I made delicious fish curry and rice, this was no easy task, it took me about 2 hrs to cook.

I had many realizations while cooking, it definitely teaches you patience and you are warm and

Well entertained by your stove.

My granny never had a coal stove, we always had electricity, so this was a real challenge for me,

To keep myself from putting on the gas and cooking it faster.

I guess that’s why “man” invented things like gas to cook on, because it is so much faster.

I did enjoy the experience of cooking on our wood stove and I will probably do it again.

The food was delicious, a little bit more manual labour than I thought, but well worth it.

I was kept warm and snug during the process, so keeping warm the traditional way wasn’t too bad.

Journeying on …….off the grid adventure.


Ps! Yes I miss Eskom and my warm electric blanket on my bed!  I have 2 hot water bottles

now. . . . 🙂







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