My 44th Reiki Attunement, giving my first Reiki Master’s Attunement


July 2015 (23) July 2015 (20) July 2015 (39)

When I did my Reiki masters on the 13 September 2007, it completely

changed my life.

I stopped eating meat on this day. I could no longer tolerate caffeine or

unhealthy eating within myself. I read people, so sharply, it made

working in the corporate world oh so difficult, so I quit my job

that year, sold my worldly possessions and moved to India with

the intention of staying.

So, I have been back to India since, to learn and grow myself.

The adventure of my life has been Oh so amazing!

After 8 years of asking Willem to do his Reiki masters Attunement,

he has finally said Yes!  All of me is  : OH MY God!  &*((!  <  you get the picture.

I asked my Reiki Master : What can I expect, it was like I could feel her grinning!

and she answered : Everyone is different!   Just be strong! Be you! ((( She wished to be a fly on the wall)))

Reiki master Humour!

So on Sunday 12 July 2015, I will be doing Willem’s Reiki Masters attunement!

and On MONDAY, we will be married 16 years!

What an adventure hey?

Am I scared! yes! am I going to do it! Most definitely YES!
Wishing you love on your journey of healing! May it be Just as amazing.



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