What are you like when adversity comes?

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What are you like when adversity comes ?

My week of adversity started at the beginning of July 2015, it was cold in the cabin, really cold, we

ran out of wood, which meant that I gathered wood from the forest everyday to keep warm.

I did order wood from the supplier but due to other work request, I was on the waiting list.

I had organised for a friend to deliver wood, but he was stuck in Durban with no money to get

to the Midlands. So forest wood it was and talking to the tree spirits. Seven days later the wood was

delivered as well as the wood from a friend, the wood is now neatly stacked and ready for chopping.


Last Thursday our car broke down in Howick at Greendale acres spar. We recently had it serviced at

Riverside mechanical repairs in Howick, I called the mechanic, Brian, he came out and discovered the

Oil and water had mixed and the head cylinder was blown in some way or another. We managed to

start the car and drive it back to the workshop. We had enough groceries at the time to get by.

Brian happily delivered us home, groceries and all. (thank you Brian)


By Wednesday, we were running out of groceries and gas for the geyser, we checked with the

mechanic who was sourcing a cylinder head and bolts, he had found them by Thursday and by

Friday we were optimistic about having our car back.

No gas for the geyser meant cold showers which I have had 2 of, it isn’t pleasant, comforting, loving

or kind, it is essential if you dirty and just need to get clean.

We had asked our neighbour Joe to get some petrol for our generator, so we could keep doing laundry, she kindly helped us out. *(thank you Joe) Joe delivered this to us.

On Friday, we were out of gas, no hot water, petrol was almost over and groceries were no more.

Desperate, we got a lift into town with Nicola on Friday morning. We happily dropped our gas bottles at Thokans with our Jerry can for petrol, enthusiastic that our car would be fixed.

We arrived at the workshop at 11am, Brian advised us, that he needed 2 hours to test drive, clean and

Tighten things up. Well, we shopped in town, got groceries, ate lunch and headed back, by this time

another problem had sprung up regarding the car. We waited many hours for the car to be ready.

At 6pm, he said ok, its done! We smiling left Howick, headed to the Spar for bread and headed to Thokans.

I had whats app’d Anisa and kindly asked if we could collect the gas and petrol after hours

as we would not have made it on time. They opened Thokans for us and assisted kindly. (thank you Hassan)

We are on the dirt road happily driving and the car dies, dead, no power, nothing.

We sms’d the mechanic, so we are in the road and both just disappointed, I burst out crying

from shock and Willem Says what now?

Next option, we called Louise and Jeff and asked them to come tow us home.

It is after 7pm, it is dark and towing at night is super dangerous.

Jeff comes out and looks at the car, first gives us a lecture and then tows us.

If you know our road, it is a steep road and not very comfortable for towing.

By this time, I am at the end of my patience, I am just emotionally stressed out,

I look for my rescue remedy and just keep putting the solution in my mouth to just stay calm.

I hop into Jeff’s car as the stress of towing is to much for me in our car. (thank you Jeff and Louise)

Willem and Jeff tow the car and about 35 minutes later, something pops,

the bracket holding the tow rope came off and the fan and the radiator got damaged.

I just laughed, I really just want to get home, have a nice cup of tea, a hot shower and be home.

Jeff reties the tow rope to something else. We eventually make it home, safely.

To inform the mechanic Brian well, we home but damage has been done, he advises us

He will be here in the morning to assist.

We offload the groceries, petrol, gas bottles, and I fall apart in tears, the day was much too much for me.

Willem struggled to get the gas geyser on, so we had tea, went to bed without a shower,

As it was dark and late. I packed away all of the groceries in the meantime and just calmed down.


On Saturday morning, Willem and I pushed the car so it would be easier to tow.

Brian and Anita arrived after 12pm to tow the car. He was kind and generous and very apologetic.

He removed the radiator and all parts that needed to be removed. He hooked up the tow rope and off

the car went to Howick again for further repairs which will be covered by Brian.

Jeff and Louise paid us a visit and Jeff managed to get the geyser started and Willem and I could

Have a hot shower. Louise offered assistance for shopping etc for next week. (thank you Louise)

This has been a very hard week for me, tiresome, stress filled and hard.

Today 12 July 2015, I did the Reiki Attunement for Willems Reiki masters.

I looked back on this week and see it was my biggest test ever of self mastering me.

Thank you for Brian, Jeff, Louise, Hassan, Nicola, Anita, Anisa for all the help and loving assistance.

Here is to a New week of less intensive challenges please……




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