How to find your balance?

How to find your balance ?



When I started out on this journey of eating healthier, exercising,

doing weights, yoga and meditation, I was extreme in my attitude.

I cut out wheat, diary, potatoe and egg for 8 months which meant that

All joy from my diet was gone.

A joyless diet, since I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t take drugs, or eat meat or chicken, you can see my diet was very bland.

Reduced to stir fried rice, soups, tuna salad and steamed spinach.

It is like I became a bitter vegetarian.

😦  no fun, extreme, hard core pain in my own ass type of person.

This year has taught me many things! first off!

Chips with no msg and chocolates are one of my favourite snacks in moderation,

I can moderate this and not BINGE by eating the whole slab of chocolate or eating the whole bag of chips.

I have disciplined to look at them in the cupboard and not be driven by its stimulants.

(they used to make me hyperactive)

I believe that finding your balance is YOUR own personal Journey, as

It has been mine. I start my day off with a smoothie but if its freezing cold

I would rather eat homemade bread with flaxseed, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds

with a avocado pear on it, it is comforting and warming and nourishing for my body.

I stock up with fruits of apples, bananas, pineapple, passion fruit pears and nuts.

At about 3pm, we have fruit and some nuts to boost our body.

We had lunch at about 12pm which would be sushi or stir fry or soup or

Something warming. My point is no one can tell you what will keep you balanced and sane, it is a INSIDE job and your decision.

For instance, I cannot be a vegan, I have no problems with vegans, but

I don’t have the bottomless budget of the expensive diet.

(I have a friend who spends R11000 on vegan food alone)

A bucket of nuts are R90 which last me a week, but if I buy 8 cans of tuna, it gives me 8 different dishes to eat and delicious protein.

I am a vegetarian who eats fish and this really works for me. When I didn’t include fish or eggs in my diet, I felt fatigued all the time, so I decided if my body needs it, I will eat it.

I am not a squiemish vegetarian, I can fish and will happily kill the fish,

Clean it, fry it and eat it.   I give thanks for the spirit of the fish and I

believe that it will also sustain my body.

A good person ideally is known by the fruits of their life and living consciously and being aware of your carbon footprint and your usage of Animal products is a good way to live.

It is better to conscious about your body and loving your body and doing your best, rather than swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to another. (like I used to be)

Excluding JOY from your Diet and life is not healthy, in fact it is EGO based and not spirit based, because ideally LOVING yourself should be the

Scale which you USE to make decisions about you and NOTHING else.


Find your balance, eat the cookie, but go walking.

Drink the wine but do yoga and drink water with every drink.

Eat the bread but detox regularly with green smoothies.

Find your balance to loving your body and living your spirit.


All my love

Colleen van Heerden




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