A note to my future self

July 2015 (23) July 2015 (12) July 2015 (9)



Dear Colleen!

A note to my future self! with lotsa laughter.

You will be offered a wooden cabin, to live off the grid!  = Don’t do it.

You will miss the comforts of warmth, a hot bath, a quick movie on your pc, don’t say yes.

The wooden cabin will be airy, above, below, and at the sides, you will sleep with 3 duvets

and a husband. *(no comfort)

You will have no free time. Your chores will be dishes, laundry, shopping,

cleaning, chopping wood. The snoozes you used to have and free leisure

time will be no more.

You ll be too tired to socialize, you ll be busy from sunrise to sunset,

surviving. . . .

You will have silence, peace and quiet, but that’s the Only free thing.

Everything else from Cell phone reception to hot water will be harder, my


Embrace discomfort, learn to appreciate the little things,

and focus on growing you.

Recreate Your vision board.

Recreate your reality.

Change you.

….. a New Journey begins. . .



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