Its not easy being green……. (we’re not)



I have been thinking about this blog for about a week.

I ask that you read it with a big sense of humour!  I will reveal some interesting truths.

Its not easy being green! Well, we are not green. I was busy reconciling the cost

of living off the grid:

We spent R300 to 500 a week on petrol for the car and generator.


drive to the shop, to get the petrol for your car and generator. = Not green.

We buy 2 l of paraffin, which cost R25 every 2 weeks, = not green.

We buy gas for the stove R180, gas for the heater R180, gas for the

gas geyser R420 = Not green.

We spent R380 on having wood delivered plus coal R125 to keep warm  = Not green.

Living off the grid cost as much as having the services of Eskom delivered by

flicking the switch.

I feel bad as I KNOW the this is not a healthy carbon footprint for me/ us.

What has this taught me?

Sometimes, the universe gives you uncomfortable lessons, ie. like not

having a car for 16 days.

Having a very air conditioned cabin, you choose to sleep with 3 duvets

and hug your wood stove everyday to keep warm.

Sometimes you run out of gas or the gas geyser doesn’t want to co operate

so its basin baths or cold showers, you endure and learn.

You learn, grow and endure, on a spirit level, I can change my feelings and response to it.




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