What to do when your lifelong dream turns into a bit of a Nightmare!



I am a city girl!

I am sorry but I cant live in a wooden cabin, up high in the foothills of the Drakensberg, (in Hawaii maybe…)

Our dream of building a home, we have envisioned, created, sent energy and kept it alive for 7 years. Seven years of hoping for a space to build our own home, in the form of a “green”house, from earth materials, our year in India at the Auroville Earth Institude reaffirmed this for us.

Events and circumstances that unravelled has brought us to Satori farm, thinking this is it!

It being: Build a house and create a healing space.

As days became colder, we became busier, for survival.

At sunrise we chop wood to heat the cabin, to make tea and breakfast. Our day starts in the cold. Having wood is essential to heat and comfort however, this isn’t an easy task either. We need to order wood at least 2 weeks in advance and pay extra for delivery, due to the distance.

The distance in itself is challenging. Due to unexpected car problems, we were stranded for 16 days. I always wanted to be a hobbit but it sucks.

Survival? Which starts with sunrise and ends with us banking the fire for the night. Homesteading may seem noble but I found it to be very very hard!

We had to admit to ourselves that our dream was seeming like a nightmare and ask ourselves whether this is in anyway making us happy? Or feel good?   It wasn’t …

 All I want to do is live my life purpose as a healer/ therapist, assist others to heal. All Willem wants to do is paint! As a artist and create joy on canvas. The 5 months out here has made us realize that we can but we don’t want to………!   D i s a s t e r ?


Once we agreed! To put our EGOS aside on the

20 th JULY and together we set the intent together and recreated a NEW list and Vision of what we NEEDED!


We combined prayer, intention, energy for a new start.


THANK YOU to All the people who SUPPORTED, Encouraged, Assisted, who didn’t say NAY!

Who helped along the Way!

Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “What to do when your lifelong dream turns into a bit of a Nightmare!

  1. Shame yet its part of life~ the road of learning and its certainly an experience in the quilt of patchwork that is life!! happy last month in the wild my dear friends ~ we sending light and warm thoughts xxxx


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