How we created a new vision : 9 days ago

July 2015 26 (116) July 2015 26 (100) July 2015 26 (96)

July 2015 26 (60)

On the 20th July we started with confronting our truths, and making a list for a new Home!

On the 21st July we viewed a home with : everything on the list :

Easy Access, Electricity and Water, full 3 g signal coverage, low maintenance, pet friendly.

We focused together on what we needed.

We asked the Universe to supply our need, we sent Energy using Reiki signs and prayed.

The universe doesn’t give you what you want, it does give you what you need. *Robin Sharma

Our focused intentions were heard and we will be moving on 26 th August 2015 to a lovely space.

Grateful for all the soul growth of hardship, coldness, sacrifice, distance, hard work and

intense test, to know, we needed to grow ourselves to reach this point.

Thank you again to everyone for their love, support, and laughter! on this journey.

Bless you!


** Some pictures of our new Home!



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