Moving on : from Satori to Phuzamoya Karkloof

July 2015 (23)July 2015 26 (95)


So by now you know that I am moving!

Moving entails packing and packing. The emotional side of it, is also confronting your

own feelings of disappointment and accepting it with grace.

Grace of knowing when I packed the last time, I was up for the adventure of

building my own house, realizing that this dream, unfortunately is not a reality,

and being ok with it, was a process.

It started with LOVING myself, and realizing that moving here, was my

learning curve, discovering my own limits and weaknesses, and loving

and accepting myself despite them all.

I know, I dislike cold, last week, it was -11 with howling winds of 95km per hour.

I realized that I could not take a shower because I was to cold, that is when I knew,

this is it. I accept that I need to move and shift and change my paradigm to

a new reality. My life until now has been such an adventure, we have created

a home out of 2 old cabins, built a bathroom, created a sacred space in less than 5 months.

We are capable of anything, even moving again, so we can be comfortable.

Whats next?   Move to Phuzamoya and run movie evenings with Inspirational messages,

do Woman’s one day cleanse workshop, and meditation/ sound healing evenings.

I would like to utilize our space for magical session and growth, that’s my vision.

If you’re interested, email me:

All my love! thanks to you.




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