How to Master Yourself?


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How to Master yourself?

This week has been interesting. We left to meet someone at Piggly wiggly and when we returned home, the hill behind our house had been set on fire.  We had previously buried the water pipe, lucky for us, one of the pipes were just melted a bit but was still in working order. Emotionally you can’t really react, you just accept it and carry on.

Yesterday, the water in the pipes froze, the toilet water froze and even the donkey water froze solid!

We waited until after 10am for the water to defrost. Water expands, so with the expansion,

a Pipe opened and water started flowing into the bathroom, luckily Wp is hands on and managed to fix the problem quickly. I cleaned the floor and mopped the excess water and hoped it would be all ok.

It has been cold! With howling winds pumping and rocking the wooden cabin, so much so that when you go wee, it feels like a rocking chair.  A total new experience for me….rocking loo!  🙂

The wind brings dust and dust everywhere.

Living in a Wooden cabin has been very challenging for me, more challenging than INDIA, I think.

I have learnt NOT to complain, to just go with it. These Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water aren’t personal or aimed at me, it just is.

I have also realized that I can live in extreme heat and extreme cold, I can handle it, but I am not exactly happy with it. So, I realize that I am tough and I have endured 6 months of intense physical work.

We have digged, sifted, built, chopped, cleaned, painted, carried, moved : we have created a home space, to work, to live, to be and we both realize WE can do this! And have learnt many skills

About life.

We have learnt to work together, we have learnt to communicate better, we have learnt to be confident within ourselves, we have learnt to be STRONG even if we cry….

We have learnt to Endure and Perservere.

We have gained so much support and love from friends, family and acquaintances.

Mastering yourself is not easy! But the character growth has been extra ordinary.

In closing : Would I do this again?   No, but I have learnt a lot and I am thankful for the lessons I have learnt, to just go with the FLOW! And Step into the UNKNOWN path called life, trusting that there is a HIGHER Plan from the DIVINE, to grow me, even if I am UNCOMFORTABLE and COLD.

This will pass! It’s the countdown to moving in +- 24 days!

Thank you for the support and LOVE!


Colleen van Heerden



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