Surrender : Follow your heart : follow the flow



The last few months has been trying.

I have endured it with the help of REIKI, meditation, yoga, walking, talking to my spirit, praying and

learning to conquer my Shadow.

I realized I needed more…so I started reading :

I started with a book called Ho opono pono, to love, to forgive, to say I am sorry and thank you for every single experience. It has taught me, that greatness is in forgiving and saying you are sorry, and loving no matter what you encounter, having a open heart is crucial to living your spirit.

I then started Sonia Choquette’s book called  Travelling at the speed of LOVE!

Love is what brought Willem and me together, Me praying and asking for my soul mate, 17 years ago.

Love is in speaking our truth about living at Satori and realizing this is not it and

having the courage to be honest and face our truth.

Love is in sharing our experience thus far and knowing that all will be ok.

Love is in asking for boxes from the Universe and having so many delivered to us. (thank you)

Love is in knowing help is a phone call away, if we need it.

Love is in having friendship of so many who support, and also laugh at our madness.

Love is in not judging, blaming, assuming or taking anything personally on this journey.

LOVE is having a open heart, feeling the sunshine and hearing no wind and knowing that

It will be ok! An open heart ready to forgive and be gentle with yourself and with others.

Learning new tools to breathe deeply, to let go and let life happen.

A quote from her book: The best way around such a situation is to connect with your heart every day, even on the smallest matters, so that you establish such a strong and automatic connection with your heart that it becomes only natural to rely upon it in stormy circumstances.

This is how I have learnt to be strong and focused despite all the challenges of living in a wooden cabin.

A open heart! To be Loving towards myself and others! Is the KEY to life / and or any situation and a BIG dose of LAUGHTER!!!!

We have laughed so much! On this journey when it got to serious! Laughter just kicks in…

Love & Laughter the keys to a whole hearted Loved life.


All my love

Colleen van Heerden





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