How to be Spiritual in your corporate / daily life ?



We are living in interesting times! Consciously everyone is waking up!

Their SPIRIT is being shaken, stirred, and awakened.

So … what does this mean?

Well you have a SOUL. You have a spirit which intuitively knows what to do,

your Gut feeling.

So, if you live in a Corporate environment, a lot of stuff will stress you out.

Here are some tools for you!

Wake up early, 5.30am and take time out to Pray.

Pray for a awesome day. Meditate on filling your body with LOVE.

Meditate on staying calm. Start a daily routine of YOGA. yes Yoga.

Go for a walk of 20 minutes, everyday!

Imagine growing roots to the CORE of the Earth, tie yourself to the Big rock,

use your Arms and  Connect with the Sky, now! fill your aura with light and blue shield.

Say you are grounded and whole.

Next Choose a MANTRA and SING it : OOm mani padmi OOM or anything you love :

The Sound of Music : Doe Ray Me so Fa La Ti Doe : You get the picture.

Dawn is the most powerful part of the day!  Make sure the first 2 hrs of the day  is SPENT

on you!

You can also start wearing Hematite and Obsidian gem stones to protect you!

Change your diet to LIGHT foods : salads, fruit and vegetables are brilliant.

Start Juicing and making smoothies.

Go for REIKI or Massage or both ! often….. (Call me 084 603 0604)


When you at your office, 1 hr before everyone:

  1. Burn incense.
  2. Fill the corners of your office with Rose quartz.
  3. Play Music : Buddah bar / anything chilled.
  4. When things get rough, light a candle, it will soothe you.
  5. Say NO often and maintain your boundaries.
  6. Deep breathes x 6, then exhale and say Haaaaaaa….
  7. Don’t face anyone head on, turn your body slightly, energy vampires exist!
  8. Don’t be Ask Mary ? who has the advice every Monday morning, avoid it.
  9. Excuse yourself to the bathroom and just go and breathe.
  10. Don’t eat lunch at your desk, go for a walk, it will give you a new perspective.
  11. Tea is a HUG in a cup! take your break.
  12. Smile often, giggle even more, it isn’t serious, its just a job.


Feel free to email me :    I have many

Tools you can use………


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