How to turn your gloomy grey day into a play day?


IMG_20150811_072453  IMG_20150810_110419

Yesterday was Womens’s day! a Public holiday in South Africa.

It was rainy and cloudy. My cat TOMtom has been running circles in the house :

on the couch, the double bed, the computer desk and back. He was bored!

He dislikes the rain. I woke up with him kissing me. He wakes us up with cat kisses at sunrise.

Its his way of saying “Wake up! this sleeping thing is boring.

I wake up first…., putting on the solar lights and starting a fire, in order to make tea.

Tea is Tomtom’s favourite. His super impatient for his morning tea. Fire has

started and we defrost slowly.

I start with my yoga stretches, I was very stiff, with the cold weather and the

well air conditioned wooden cabin.  (15 days to go  . . )

I mentally start preparing myself for my walk in the rain. If I don’t walk, and get

grounded, I know I will be super grumpy, all day. So, I put on my warm jacket

and gumboots with umbrella in hand, and off I go up the Hill.


On the Hill there is 3 G cell  signal which is full blast, now I can first ground me,

sing my Hawaiian chant and then send out my daily inspiration messages.

I already meditated and reiki’d me and sent out Distant Reiki Healing energy

to a lady in Cape Town. (She will be visiting me soon!)


It is cold! But it doesn’t matter. We have made our space toasty!

 I m singing and I am in my good space.

I admire the mist and rain falling. The Ihlosane mountain has completely disappeared.

How wonderful and in awe I am of nature.

I return home with muddy gum boots, a wet umbrella and my smile.
Immediately, I remove my boots and put on some music.
Jack Johnson and Xavier Rudd are my all time favourite musicians.


The fire is going and we make toast with the bread which Willem baked last night

and warm tea. We decide what we will make for lunch.

We both agree on a warm pumpkin soup.


We take turns in chopping wood. Willem starts and I follow in between

stirring the soup on the Welcome Dover stove.


I have the idea to bake a cake after we made soup and we quickly think of what type of cake?

A lemon and ginger cake. Yummy!


I am ever so grateful for this Welcome dover stove, it keeps us warm, we have made

toast, tea, a warm soup and a cake.

You can tell Willem and I play well together in the kitchen.

In between we laughed and decided that I am Pinky and his MacGyver

or I am Batman and his Alfred.
We have managed to even pack a box together, box no 13, things are

beginning to look empty and spacy now…


You can certainly change your mind set with a decision to play and have fun!

even if it is dark and gloomy outside.


Learn to create.

PLAY is the most important thing you can do for you!

Think of new recipes…

Try something new. . .

Keep you happy and in a good space!


a ll m y   love






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