My Yom Kippur feelings . . .



What is Yom Kippur? Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement on the Jewish Calendar.

You fast from sunset to sunset. When I did Yom Kippur, by like 2pm, I felt

I had atoned for all my sins, and I had apologised to everyone, but sunset

was far from close by, so I felt sorry, but the day wasn’t over.

This is much the same feeling I have currently, I have learnt many

valuable lessons here in the Dargle mountains, but I have 13 days left of endurance.


I have a deep appreciation for brick walls, man was definitely wise.

Running hot water from a geyser, is like a pot of gold for sure.

Refrigerator with magic stuff in it, bonus!

The silence of electricity  to power stuff! as opposed to the noisy generator.

I won’t be worrying about my cell phone battery anymore, it will be fully charged.

Cell phone signal, currently, there are 3 spots of signal in the entire cabin, yay for signal all day!

We drive a distance of 45km to Howick, we will now spend 20 minutes driving to Howick

from the Karkloof on any given day, yay!

The new house has a huge fireplace which means, we will have to chop wood less small! hello painfree body.

It will be less cold, so we can return to a carb free diet!  and not a SEE food diet, we have been

applying due to the cold and needed comfort. 

Thank you to everyone who has laughed, cried, giggled, shared, supported and Loved us

in this journey!


Thank you to my Mother in law! who is super awesome!


Lotsa Love

Colleen !



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