Time to Change, to Alkaline foods. . . .

alkaline%20vs%20acidic (2)


After my last blog, the Colleen guilt, my conscious mind and lack of discipline hit me hard.

On Saturday, I decided to do a detox! I drank green smoothies of spinach, banana,

pineapple, I consumed huge amounts of lemon juice water, I ate steamed spinach

and declined any white bread!

It started small but, I feel much better.

I also received a detox massage to reboot my body which helped a lot! I feel lighter.

I have had a good talking to myself and its time to eat more alkaline foods which

feed my body and spirit.  My food which I ingest fuels my body, mind and spirit, so its

imperative to have balance. The occasionally fried item is ok! but

no more junk food like white bread, magnums or samoosa’s from Thokans!

My body functions better on salads, smoothies, juices and steamed spinach,

the occasional fresh fish would be LOVELY!

Check in with yourself, time to reign in the discipline and make better choices for your

diet and body!

Happy Sunday!



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