The last 72hours of packing, moving, settling and changing

August 2015 Life (11) August 2015 Life (5)

I grateful to the following people who have helped me in the my path, travelling at the speed of Love! Thank you Keri B who introduced me to Andrea Barras who in turn introduced me to Pippa Griffin, who inturn introduced us to Sandy Wright who manages Phuzamoya. Thank you to Pippa and Sandy who gave us the go ahead to move in 2 days ahead of schedule. Thank you to Katie Robinson (@Lemonwood cottages) who gave us Siyobonga to help us offload our goods. Thank you to Carlene Bronner at Horseplay for the use of her wonderful Driver Dennis and her Landrover and trailer. Thank you to Vick Shaw who baked us cheese muffins for me and bacon muffins for Willem, freshly delivered with Butter and Jam, on the day of our move, thank you for helping us offload. Thank you to Sandy Wright for all your hard work and for the LOVELY organic kale, radishes, turnips and eggs!

Our path to this moment has been interesting, adventurous and nothing short of amazing! The human spirit is capable of so many things, I am feeling I am just starting to comprehend what we can do as human beings having a SPIRITUAL experience, here on Earth.



When it comes to moving and packing, I turn into a minion, not the yellow kind, but the Purple one with the fuzzy hair, I want to pack ferociously but in my enthusiasm, I get it wrong, so poor Willem would reopen and repack the boxes.

I am good with unpacking, so I try to just be of service and listen to what Willem needs and I will do the task that is requested of me. I am task orientated so

You can guess, he gave me all the “I hate” task like unscrewing screws which takes me forever.

Willem felt he had many moments of telling me, please sit down and sit on your hands. (He didn’t)



I love new adventures, but I don’t like the unsettling feeling of moving, not having my sacred space,

makes me anxious, like losing something valuable to me.

It has been 48 hours and I have already unpacked every single box present.

I unpacked my last studio box yesterday.

I have this special way of packing everything in towels and rolling them gently so no damage will occur,

but after 10 towels of unwrapping the shells, stones and precious items,

I so don’t like my surprise towels anymore. Order is slowly starting to replace the chaos.


Settling :

The first evening and the second evening and every other evening I will have a coarse salt bath with Epsom salts.

I placed rosequartz around the bath and a quartz crystal and just soaked up the amazing feeling and energy of cleansing my body.

I so love baths! I love the clean feeling!

The most amazing thing is, we have electricity which means my cellphone charges faster, we have

cell phone signal everywhere!

My Salute super blender is working amazing faster! My computer is working

at a wonderful humming sound.

The hot water from the tap is HOT! (time to giggle with me)

The brick walls hold the cold out, how freaking fabulous.

We haven’t made a fire yet! We have been wearing shorts and t shirt, no

Warm jackets or beanies, they are happily packed away!

The floor no longer creaks when we walk on it. We can switch on lights at any time.

We are still enjoying the silence of no refrigerator presently, but we might consider purchasing a small freezer in the future.

I have started juicing beetroot, carrot and apple, to embark on my detox journey.

I admit I love carbohydrates, I love potatoes and bread, and these have been my survival comfort food for the last 6 months, I agree its time to discipline myself with LOVE! And get back my focus.

Energetically, the energy has shifted, we feel completely different since moving from a harsh environment, to a more comfortable space.

It is freaking amazing, it to be able to have comforts like this.

I went grocery shopping at 4.02pm on Monday afternoon and returned at 5.10pm, having done all my errands at Pick and Pay and Spar, travel time and

Shopping time, cut down from 3hrs, to 1 hour. (freaking awesome)


Changing :

Travelling at the Speed of LOVE is changing and currently growing my heart, mind and spirt more! I am happy. I am enjoying this lighter side of life, overlooking the mountain, the dam, the trees, connecting with Spirit more.

Having a lighter self, to laugh and love myself and learn finding the higher ground of love. It is attracting LIKE minded people who seek the same thing, to love, to be spirit, to enjoy this earthly existence.


I have had such a good nights sleep that last night, that I woke up at 4am filled with these words for my blog! I meditated, did yoga and now I want to go enjoy the sunrise outside!

Wishing you a fabulous happy day!


I start massaging, reiki ing and setting up appointments for next week!



Colleen van Heerden



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